If you’re here, you’re probably asking yourself, “WTH is this?”

Well, “WTH IS ON MY SCRUBS” is a podcast that will feature various medical professionals…mostly nurses…and the stories they have to tell. Some funny, some sad, some…well, disgusting!

My goal for this podcast is to serve as a place where others working in healthcare can visit, and possibly identify with the stories and experiences that are shared. For me personally, it’s difficult to share my daily experiences in the ICU with others not working in the medical field, simply because they do not share the same perspective. However, I’ve found that sharing with someone whom can directly relate to the subject matter to be extremely therapeutic. So, I figured that I could maybe help others out there by starting this podcast.

Things are just now getting started, and a lot of work getting setup still needs to be done. I hope to have an introductory episode posted soon.

Thanks for stopping by!